Driving can become very dangerous, when not done with proper care and safety. The challenge here is that you cannot be assured of your own safety by being safe and alert. This is because another person’s mistake while driving can also affect your safety on the road. A person who is prone to unsafe driving habits can put themselves and others with them in the vehicle or on the roads in danger.

High-quality driving skills and a lot of experience will still not ensure your safety while driving. There are quite a lot of external factors that can contribute to an accident. In the following paragraphs let’s see some of the driving habits that are dangerous to people.

1. Driving when one is under the heavy influence of alcohol

Drunk driving is a perilous habit that can injure, and in the worst case, kill the driver as well as the ones with the driver in the car or other people on the road. Drunk driving is not only unsafe but can cost you heavily. You may have to cough up a huge amount in the name of penalty or fine for driving under the influence. Some of the ways to avoid driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs are by choosing a designated driver, taking a cab service to get home, ask for a ride home from someone, who is sober or use public transportation.

2. Fiddling with mobile phones while driving

People, these days, are so attached to their mobile phones, that they forget their own safety. They use their mobiles while they are driving, thereby risking their own life as well as others’ lives. Texting or talking on your mobile while driving is very dangerous, because this can lead you to lose concentration. Your focus gets diverted, and you are not alert and aware of the surroundings.

Turning off your phone while driving is ideal; however, if you don’t want to switch off your phone, you should ignore the texts or calls during driving. You can always respond to them later, after you have parked your vehicle at a safe location.

3. Driving when you are completely distracted by something

Distracted driving is a very unsafe habit and can end up in unfortunate accidents. Distraction need not be only from your mobile phones. It could also arise from playing loud music, having heavy-loaded discussions, tending to your children while driving and other activities. You might be surprised to know that eating and applying makeup while driving are some of the common examples of distractions that can lead you to lose focus driving.

When you are distracted by something, it is highly recommended that you pull off to the safe side of the road and sort out the reason for your distraction. You can then proceed to drive safely.

4. Over speeding while driving

Accidents due to speeding are very common today. People tend to drive fast when they are in a rush or late to be somewhere. They forget that it is better to be late for something than be dead. The intensity of a crash is more when there is over speeding, making it more dangerous and life-threatening than any other dangerous mistake discussed here. It would be best if you always stick to the maximum speed limits of a particular place when you are at the wheel.

5. Being aggressive and having road rage while driving

Aggressive driving is one of the dangerous habits that you can probably ever have. This is because it is destructive to you and others. Aggressive driving is nothing but driving recklessly without properly following any rules. It also includes changing lanes haphazardly on the road and not having any regard for road laws. Aggressive driving can lead to road rage, which is frustrating for other drivers. One of the best driving habits to inculcate is to have a courteous behavior at all times when you are at the wheel, even when your patience is tested to the maximum possible extent.

6. Not keeping the weather in mind while driving

You should always follow safe driving habits and stick to the right speed limits at all times. The speed limits are usually posted on the side of roads that you are driving on. However, you also have to follow one more important point when you are driving – the prevailing weather conditions in your locality. Driving can be very difficult while you are driving through rain, storm, snow, night hours and hailstorms. It requires you to be more careful and alert than your usual self to drive safely in these extreme weather conditions.

7. Improper maintenance of vehicles

Proper maintenance of vehicles is a must for a smooth and pleasant driving experience. When the vehicle is not maintained properly, it will start wearing out. It won’t function as smoothly as you expected or to its optimum level. It would help if you regularly inspect your tires, so that you can prevent wear & tear issues or any problems in the early stages itself.

8. Not signaling properly or failing to check blind spots

While driving, it is a must that you should signal to the vehicles behind you, so that they are aware of the direction, in which you are about to drive. This alerts him to follow you at a safe distance, thereby avoiding collisions. You should never forget to signal when changing lanes on roads. Don’t forget to check the blind spots on the roads at regular intervals before you switch lanes.

9. Not maintaining proper distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front

You should always maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front, so as not to bump into the back of that vehicle. This safe-distance rule will also help in avoiding any unnecessary accidents or mishaps, which can be easily avoided if you were a little careful on the road. One moment of distraction can lead to accidents if proper distance is not maintained when following a vehicle.

10. Avoiding seatbelts

Seatbelts should be worn by everyone in the car for safety. A good driver would make sure that all the passengers, including him, wear seatbelts. Seatbelts reduce the damage a car crash or accident may cause to the people in the car. It is also highly advisable to use proper, kid-friendly seats with the appropriate seatbelts, if you have kids in your car.